Bitcoin September meetup @itnig


We welcome you to Bitcoin next official meetup!

19:00 - Perry will present the Augur project - a decentralized prediction market platform
20:10 - Alex will announce Blockchain Week
20:15 - Will will present the Airbitz decentralized wallet

As always, this meetup is free to attend and it is intended to discuss bitcoins, as well as any other digital/crypto currencies. It's ment to share knowledge and insights into mining, trading and investing! They also give the opportunity to present your bitcoin business to others and learn about exciting new ventures.

Most talks and group discussions are in English. Of course, Spanish speakers are free to have discussions in Spanish or Catalan ;)

If you would like to present or hear a topic, please mention it in the comments in their Meetup page. For any inquiries, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

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