Lessons Learned on Benchmarking Big Data by Todor Ivanov


BDOOP meetup is back to itnig after the summer. This time will know more Lessons Learned on Benchmarking Big Data Platforms, by Todor Ivanov, from Frankfurt University will be presenting:

The talk will present the experimental results of multiple use cases in which popular Big Data benchmarks (HiBench, BigBench, TPCx-HS and TPC-H) were used to analyze and compare different Hadoop cluster setups. It will cover:

• a brief description of the above benchmarks

• the experimental methodology used in the tests

• lessons learned on how to efficiently use both the benchmarks and the platforms.


19:00 - Arrive at Itnig and meet other members
19:15 - Main talk
19:45 - Q&A and discussion of topics
20:00 - Networking, pizza and beers

About the presenter:
Todor Ivanov is a Research Assistant / PhD Student Goethe-Universität Frankfurt University. Focused in the design of complex distributed software systems for data-intensive applications. Particularly, I am interested in internal architectures, virtualization, performance optimizations, scalability, effective storage and processing of structured and unstructured data in large systems. More at: