Andrew Condon's talk... don't miss it!!!!


Andrew's proposal:

3 Sections each of 10-15 minutes:

i) Some “whet your appetite” / “why Haskell?” material for people completely new to the language or just curious about it.

ii) A review of some of the larger landscape around Haskell for people who have learnt some stuff and want to learn more or try to do something more than a toy program with the language. I would expect this section to have a fair amount of Q&A

iii) brief overview of how Haskell fits into the future development of programming - with very brief overview of some things that are kind of research-y now but will be in Haskell in the near future.

I would propose that we do a quick straw poll at the start of the meeting to see how many people fit into each of these three categories (total beginner, intermediate, advanced) and perhaps tailor the material a little to the attendees. ie if there happen to be no beginners this week then i would skip thru that stuff or present it in a slightly different manner.

See you there.