VR presentations and demos


5th VR meetup!

25th October, @ Itnig, 7pm-9.30pm

We are going to have three speakers/projects and then demo+beer time. Come and try Virtual Reality in our demo zone! (8-9.30pm)

Please if you want to demo something send me a message here or on the boards, I'll be announcing the demos as they come...

As for now, on the demo zone we'll have a 'Machine to be another' demo from BeAnotherLab and an HTV Vive for trying out.

Speakers (7-8 pm)

1 - "Creative VR BCN - A community for VR makers and artists in Barcelona" - Fabien Siouffi, Fabbula Magazine

We are calling for all creative coders, makers and artists to gather for a evening dedicated to VR independent creation. A place to present personal work and research, share practices and tools, learn from one another inspirations and practices. Fabbula brings its HTC Vive, a Gear VR and a Structure Sensor to play with.  For the inaugural night, we will connect with the creative VR group in Berlin, check prototypes & indie VR stuff and open the floor for work presentations/demos. 

2 -  "Inflight VR presentation" - Sergi Gómez, InflightVR

Inflight VR is a German startup with offices in Barcelona and Lahore, Pakistan, that is creating a new way of Inflight Entertainment by introducing a Virtual Reality platform for passengers

The mission is to create true value for airplane passengers with the Virtual Reality technology. They will explain how, thanks to their VR platform, passengers will enjoy the most suitable and safe VR content that will make them believe they are out of the aircraft. You will know how this VR startup is thus reinventing the flight experience for the better.

3 - "Realidad Virtual Social y narrativas inmersivas con la Máquina de Ser Otro" - Daniel González Franco, Asociación BeAnotherLab

Cómo sería el mundo si pudiéramos ver a traves de los ojos del otro? BeAnotherLab nos comparte experiencias sobre el proceso de creación y desarrollo de La Máquina de Ser Otro, una tecnología Low budget / Creative Commons que se basa en la investigacion distribuida y multidisciplinar para la promoción de la empatía, la reflexión, la comprensión y el intercambio con el otro.

Al final de la charla, BeAnotherLab realizará una pequeña demostración del sistema para el público, Las personas interesadas pueden inscribirse en una lista que habrá en el lugar, Plazas limitadas: 10.