JS Framework Debate: React vs. Angular 2 vs. Ember vs. Meteor!


Hey all! 

It's time to update you on the current framework situation! 

Angular 2 is out, but it doesn't seem to scare the React family, and we'll update you on Meteor as well! 

We have three experienced front-enders defend a framework, the pro's & con's, and how they perform compared with the others.

The defenders are:

React: Pau Ramon (former Redbooth CTO and now CTO and co-founder @ Factorial)

Angular 2:  Raul Jimenez ( CEO at Byte Default and Google Developer Expert in Angular) 

Meteor: Sílvia Mur (Senior front-end developer @ Typeform and co-organizer of AdaJS)

Ember: Philip De Smedt (Co-Founder & CTO @ INTUO)

As always we'll enjoy some cold La Brava's and have some good discussions! 

See you!