Code In The Dark


Code In The Dark is not another Hackathon!

It is an opportunity to put your front-end skills in the forefront of the event. Coders show off their coding skills and attendees get to be the jury.

• Each round lasts 15 minutes, and is between 5 to 10 developers.

• All developers in each round are given the same screenshot of a website (e.g:, and must recreate it to the best of their ability in HTML & CSSNo code completion tools, no compiling your code before 15 minutes.

• All screens are mirrored so that the audience can watch and alert any rule-breaking.

• The winner will be chosen by audience applause (so bring your friends!)

The winners will receive epic prizes (to be announced in the coming weeks). We’ve got room enough for 150 people at the beautiful space of Codeworks in Poble Nou and we’re looking to fill it up.

With us as organisers we have Designers In Barcelona, and Codeworks

We will have music being played all night (DJ to be announced soon) and drinks and whether you’re participating or not, you’ll always have something to do, whether it be cheering your favourite coder or judging at the end of each round or face-down in a code sprint.

To sign up - go to this eventbrite