Managing a product in high growth, with Typeform's Product Director Miloš Lalić


Hey all!

This month we're happy to announce that Miloš Lalić, Director of Product at one of Barcelona's most interesting tech companies is coming to share his experience and insight. 

Most of you has filled out a Typeform, but what's the thoughts and strategy behind the product? What does product management look like in an organization growing from 30 to 150 employees in less than 18 months?

To keep things conversational and flexible, we are going to do a fireside chat format, which will let you (the audience) ask most of the questions. They can range from prioritization and processes to pricing and launching new products, all things that had to be defined and re-defined multiple times at Typeform.

We'll be coming back with more specific topics later, but no matter what kind of product you're managing, this meetup is the place to be! 

As always, we'll open for a good discussion and share some cold La Brava's! :) 

See you there!