The Design to Code process! With Design Lead @Quipu, Kamil Jura


Hey all! 

It's time for the 2nd front-end meetup of the year. I've gotten feedback from several people in the community that the design to code process are of interest to many front-enders.

If you're working a side-project and doing the design yourself, or in a startup that can't afford a designer at the moment.

Lead designer at Quipu, Kamil Jura will take you through the following process:

1. Designing your own project - things to make sure to start on the right foot

2. Sketch, why you should use it for design and how it can help with other parts of the process (Plugins, export features, automation)

3. Design to Code - simple but powerful software to give you all the CSS you will need.

As always, there will be time to discuss and enjoy some cold La Brava's! :) 

See you!