Data-driven decisions VS. Intuition+ -> Prod Manager @Social Point Ivan Zaguirre


Hi all!

It's time for another product talk, this time with the Product Manager at Social Point, Ivan Zaguirre. 

Barcelona's homegrown game house Social Point has several global success games, 50 million players and hundreds of millions in revenues. They recently got acquired by Take-Two (Makers of Grand Theft Auto) for $276 million.

This is Ivan's word about the meetup: 

"I will try to explain you how we build products here at Social Point, with the right mix of data-driven decisions, market benchmarking and product intuition. 

1. From how our products teams are assembled, 

2. How do we gather data to take decisions 

3. How we prioritise our backlog 

4. Explain the magic of creating and operating a live product. 

No matter which industry you come from, we're sure that there will be good learning to exchange and apply. 

We plan to make the session as open as possible and reply to everyone's questions!"

As always we'll have time for both beers and a good discussion after the talk!