Developing truly conversational bots - With Caravelo CTO Marc Fornós


Hey all! 

Bots are everywhere these days, but as they get rolled out in more and more products, they still often miss the human touch we need them to have in interaction with users and customers. 

Caravelo is developing chatbots for some of the world's leading airlines and wants to share some insight on how to make bots TRULY conversational.

This is how CTO @Caravelo Marc Fornós puts it: 

"Chatbots are here and ready to be your new friend! But there are some challenges since no-one wants to feel like they are talking to a machine. 

Learn from our experience the do's and don'ts to take advantage of existing tools and learn some tricks to create a meaningful and engaging experience with users."

As always, bring your questions and we'll have a good discussion and share some cold La Brava's!