The Mechanics of Growth - with ex-Google Product Manager Itamar Gilad


Hey all!

This month we'll focus on growth in our PM talk.

Growing active usage, revenue, and other core KPIs blends together product, marketing and black magic.

Itamar Gilad, former lead product manager and head of growth for Gmail, will discuss the moving parts of growth from a product perspective: how products and services actually grow, choice of growth engines, techniques to accelerate growth, what doesn't work (tip: growth hacks). 

Itamar Gilad ( is a product consultant helping tech companies in Barcelona and Europe build high-value products. In his previous role Itamar was a lead product manager for Gmail, where among other things he oversaw growth leading to over 1B active users. Prior to that Itamar worked as product manager and software engineer for a number of startups and larger tech companies in Israel.  

As always we'll have a good discussion and some cold beers!