NEW TALK >> The Account Based Marketing Approach: how to survive the mindshift


New talk on May 18th about Account Based Marketing!

The traditional funnel works for companies that don’t go after larger companies: for many B2B companies that are marketing to medium-sized companies and larger, a more targeted approach is necessary. As our average deal price increases, the potential number of customers decreases. An account-based marketing strategy is based on the idea that we will only engage companies who are ideal users of our product In this talk, you'll learn how to transition into an ABM mindset and how to do it. 

About the speaker:

Eli Domínguez

Marketing Manager at Talent Clue. She has worked for more than 5 years in B2B Marketing in startups, creating content for recruiters and HR professionals and running high-performing teams. After several years studying and applying Inbound Marketing in Talent Clue, she's investigating and testing an ABM approach to increase leads' quality. Plus, she has two cats.