React Native and the 9 circles of Hell


Hey all! 

If you're not excited about React native, I'm sure you know a couple of people who are. It's on most people's tongues right now, and that's why we'll take a good look on the biggest pitfalls of starting out with it.

To guide is through we have Ruben Sospedra, that just came home from Amsterdam React conf with tons of insights and knowledge to share:

"After a long journey React Native is finally becoming pretty solid and stable. There are multiple top-notch React Native apps that have been in production for a while. Hence, for the first time, we can pause for a moment and think about: How does it works? What do I need to get started? And, especially, what was the most painful pitfall that we faced? I invite you to walk with me through the 9 hardest React Native drawbacks”

As always we'll have a good discussion and some cold La Brava's! :)