Workshop - Functional DB access with Doobie


Functional DB access with Doobie Workshop

In this workshop we will learn about doobie a "pure functional JDBC layer for Scala".

This will be an introductory workshop that will cover the following:

• Introduction, concepts

• Basic queries (select, insert, update)

• NULL handling

• Case classes (one, list)

• Joins

• Transactions

We want to make it as a workshop because code in slides is boring, so bring your laptop and be ready to code!

Ideally, it would be great if you come with the following setup in your computer:

1. Scala environment working with your preferred editor. You can follow this great tutorial (in Spanish) if you need help

2. Floobits set up in your preferred editor

3. Workshop project setup (github link to be provided)

4. DB docker container running (docker registry link to be provided)