How Schibsted built a plug and play JS widget, from whiteboard to delivery


Hey all! 

For the last front-end meetup before the summer we're lucky to be presented with a real-life case by Schibsted's messenger team's senior front-end dev Tudor Barbu.

The experienced Schibsted team that's handling some of the world's biggest classifieds sites got handed this challenge:

"Develop a plug and play javascript messaging widget with real time capabilities, responsive, extensible and customizable but please make sure customizations can't break it, it will be deployed in over 20 sites on several continents, each developed with technologies ranging from React or Angular to Smarty on PHP. 

It must cater for sites with or without build systems. Also, we should be able to update sites automatically to latest versions and we want to run A/B tests independent of the host site. And some geographies use obscure browsers. And we need automated tests. And automated releases. Actually, we kind of want automated everything."

Quite the requirements! This talk will retrace @Schibsted's messaging team take at this project, the roadblocks we hit, the decisions we took, the failures we experienced and what we learned from them. The talk will touch Vue/Vuex, React, node, Nightwatch and karma, Saucelabs, Spinnaker, Travis, AWS, SaSS, CSS/BEM, automating deployment pipelines while leaving room for manual steps and our inhouse / over-the-web greenkeeper.

As always we'll have some cold La Brava beers to keep us cool and foster a good discussion! See you!