Panel discussion: styling your app in 2018


• What we'll do
This month we decided to do a small switch from JS and to expand our interests to CSS and related tech to answer a simple question: what is the right way to style your apps in 2018?

To find the answer, we want to have a panel discussion (and hope not a cage fight) where every speaker could defend their selection and tell others why they prefer it.

We have possible candidates for methodologies:
* good-old BEM
* CSS-modules
* css-in-js

and technologies/approaches:
* does postcss kill sass/less?
* do we even need pre-/post-processors nowadays
* what is the best way to polyfill things?

But as any panel discussion, it could go totally sideways and will be driven by the panel and the audience.

December 14, come to learn about the best ways to style your app and to support your favorite approach!

P.S. If you want to be a panelist feel free to contact us via meetup messages or Twitter.