Cryptos & ICOs: To invest or not to invest…


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Hey Crypto-Hero!

let’s meet face-to-face and exchange knowledge, opinions and discuss if and how best to invest in Cryptos and ICOs. YOUR way to meet a bunch of like-minded people, learn and get inspired!

We will try the following event format:
> We all meet at the venue (location still t.b.d. depending on signups - open for suggestions)
> We set up 3 groups - everyone joins a group based on their interest
> The groups are: 1) ICO investing; 2) short-term investing & trading; 2) mid-/long-term investing
>Within each group, you network and exchange knowledge like crazy :-)
> After an hour or so, we break up the groups, and everyone can also mingle with folks from the other groups, to get some fresh perspectives and inputs outside his immediate area of interest

1) Make sure to sign up and grab a spot - we might have to limit participation, depending on the venue.

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3) >>> Also, take a look at a recent online live Q&A we did about ICOs: About Cryptario: Cryptario is a global initiative to spread the knowledge about the chances and risks of using and investing in cryptocurrencies including ICOs, the underlying blockchain technology, and its many applications in the real world around us. We have local chapters in a growing number of cities worldwide.
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5) You can also join our new Facebook group where we discuss crypto topics every day. Just click here to join now: We are really looking forward to meeting you soon!


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