How to migrate to React progressively but painlessly - Santi Herrero (Edpuzzle)


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In our first meetup of 2018 Santi, Co-founder & CTO at Edpuzzle talks about how to migrate progressively from Backbone to React.

In the real world, where full rewrites of big production apps are nearly impossible, migrating your frontend framework can become a very painful journey both for the team and for the company roadmap if not done right. In this talk, Santi, CTO of Edpuzzle, will explain how the company is going about progressively migrating a large production application while enjoying writing React/Redux code in isolation as if it was a brand new codebase. All of it, while still maintaining and communicating with the legacy Backbone/Marionette application, while doing a website redesign and while rebranding.
The talk will go deep into problems such as how to tackle frontend routing in Backbone and React at the same time, how to make sure styling remains consistent between the modern and legacy applications during the redesign, how to keep the production bundle small while using two different frameworks and many many more.

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