Finding Problems Worth Solving - Finding great startup business ideas to work on


Hello Lean Startup Friends,

We will be having Paul Fox as guest speaker who will share will us strategies for finding Problems Worth Solving and great startup business ideas to work on.

Paul is one of the top lean startup minds in Barcelona. He is Director of all Entrepreneurship Education at La Salle Business School with his specialty in Digital Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup entrepreneurship.

Details about the talk:
Lean Startup is a great methodology when you have a team with an idea that needs validating. However, many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle with finding startup ideas to work on. In other words, Lean Startup tends to be focused on people who are already entrepreneurs and need help with the process but is less useful for those who have the desire but don’t have an idea yet and are looking for where to start.

Some key questions:

How can you find the right startup idea for you?
How do you know if it’s a good idea?

5 main strategies:

Doability/Personal Environment
Big Challenges and Exponential Tech
Blue Ocean – finding under- or over-served non-customers
Inspiring startups in other markets
Technology push /Technology transfer – apply technology solutions to a new market or customer segment.

About Paul Fox:

Over 25 years' experience in Education, Innovation Consulting, and Entrepreneurship.
Currently experienced Professor in the Management and Technology Department at La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona: Director of Entrepreneurship Education (undergraduate, masters, international programs, short courses), Director of the Degree in Digital Business, Design, and Innovation, and Coordinator of the Digital Entrepreneurship specialization. Co-founder of LS Startup Lab, a serious game for accelerating early stage startups.

Specialties include co-creation and challenge-based projects, entrepreneurship (Lean Startup, Design Thinking), sharing economy and collaborative consumption, innovation ecosystems, corporate innovation and corporate venturing, digital platforms, business model innovation, technology-driven innovation (including Blue Ocean, Open Innovation, and Singularity University - applying exponential technologies to global challenges).

Ph.D. in Innovation Platforms and Ecosystems, ESADE, Barcelona, Spain.
MBA from the University of Texas at Austin (Information Management).
B.S.B.A. from Georgetown University (Accounting).