Frontend Checklist - Workshop by David Dias


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For this meetup we have a special guest, David Dias, coming from Mauritius to present his tool of Frontend Checklist to us:

David Dias is just a Front-End Developer passionate about code and people. His last living country was Mauritius, where he spent 2 years helping different teams to grow and to become highly performant. The unexpected success of his open-source project: the Front-End Checklist, pushed him to dedicate a certain amount of time to create more open-source projects to help the international community of Front-End Developers. He is also passionate about polyphasic sleep, diving and discovering new cultures.

Frontend Checklist
During the development of a new websites, we tend to forget some essential elements we need to test, or implement before going to production. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced Front-End Developer, the Front-End Checklist can help you to avoid forgetting some important elements and ensure your website follow all the requirements. David Dias, who created the Checklist, will be presenting what motivated him to build that tool and how you can use it in your daily workflow. Come to discover how that simple tool can improve your delivery based on real examples and sharing experiences.

Don’t hesitate to put in the comments some of the websites you are working on, he will maybe pick some at random to show you what can be improved!

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