Digital Entrepreneurship with Digital Sapiens Group


We meet again on the 9th April at 18:30 in a new venue, Itnig Start-up Hub (on the 5th Floor), in the 22@ district of Barcelona to continue discussing Digital Entrepreneurship and how current trends and past learnings can foster new business creation and growth for Digital Sapiens members.

We're excited to have Domingo Gonzalez and Josh Priollaud as speakers at the April event, so be prepared with your questions in the Q&A that follows their chat!

Also, we're introducing Start-up Challenge Discussions where we'll take on board three separate themes and discuss them in breakout sessions with a Faciltator for each group (more info on topics shortly).

Are you leveraging digital technology in a new way to create, grow or scale-up your business or start-up?

Come share your story, challenges and lessons learnt at the event and get insights and ideas from the peer network.


1. Message from the Organising team

10 mins

2.Storytelling on Digital Entrepreneurship:

-Domingo Gonzalez, with a broad experience in digital media and advertising in the USA, will discuss Innovation challenges at large corporates and how to foster the right dialogue with start-ups

10 mins plus 10mins Q&A

-Josh Priollaud, Entrepreneur from Silicon Valley based in San Francisco and founder of Flatly, DummyHub and ScanBoost, will share 5 Lessons on Bootstrapping in the Valley

5 mins plus 5 mins Q&A

3. Start-up Challenges Discussion- NEW!

Breakout Sessions on 3 Start-up Challenges

Breakout 1: Online Marketing Growth Hacks led by Tim Cakir

Breakout 2: AI in Marketing led by Diana Davoyan

Breakout 3: Funding your start-up led by Richard Ferraro

30 mins

4. Networking

20 mins