Let's talk about Smart Working!


At the heart of the triangle between company leadership and culture, digital technology and its adoption, is a new work management model: Smart Working.

According to the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, “an approach to organizing work that aims to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in achieving job outcomes through a combination of flexibility, autonomy, and collaboration, in parallel with optimizing tools and working environments for employees.”

We’ve gathered a panel of three professionals from different areas to exchange their opinions on smart working and the digital workplace: Its benefits, the Spanish ecosystem, and how to implement smart working to improve productivity.

The panel led by Tim Cakir will have the participation of Ahlem Mahroua (beeHYPE / Digital Nomads Media), Felipe Angulo (Director of Psicotec, HR Firm) and Oonagh McNerney (CEO of Sapenta).

Here's the schedule of the event, which will take place at Itnig in Carrer d'Àlaba 61, floor 3 (L4 Bogatell, L1 Marina), Barcelona:

19:00 - Event kick-off with a brief introduction to smart working along with an insight into the role of technology and the tangible benefits for enterprises.

Ahlem Mahroua will talk about her experience as a nomad entrepreneur and the importance of time management, collaboration and technology.

Felipe Angulo will explain the challenges of employee engagement, team management and the pros and cons of the implementation of flexible working policies.

Oonagh McNerney will introduce Sapenta a smart working platform for flexible, collaborative and productive workplaces.

20.30 - Q&A
20:45 - Networking
21:30 - End of the event


Ahlem Mahroua
International public speaker on the topics of Women in Tech, Personal Development, Career Development, and Work-life balance. Founder of beeHYPE Agency, a content and digital marketing agency, and Blogger at Digital Nomads Media, a platform for nomads entrepreneurs.

Oonagh McNerney
Co-founder and CEO of Sapenta (sapenta.com). McNerney have created an smart working software for productive, flexible and collaborative workplaces. She loves digital transformation to change how we work, how we manufacture products, how we market and brand them to succeed in the Digital Economy.

Felipe Angulo
Director at Psicotec, an international HR firm that provides solutions in Recruitment & Selection, Talent Development, Leadership and Consultancy in Organization & Processes, with offices in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, and Peru.

Tim Cakir
Growth hacker and public speaker. Experienced in delivering real-world improvements to his clients’ business through the development of digital marketing campaigns that deliver spectacular ROI and significant increases in revenue growth and profitability.