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Andjoy is an intermediary platform of fitness & wellness centers. Through our app, users have access to more than 2,000 centers with a single fee. If they prefer, they can also enjoy at home the live online classes of our partners. In addition to gyms, we offer yoga studios, climbing centers, Spas, sports clubs and boutiques, among others, present in more than 300 cities in Spain and Portugal.Our goal is that users can achieve their well-being, with a healthy lifestyle and enjoying their free time. We constantly work to provide all possible comforts to our users. The Andjoy app allows them to see the centers closest to your location or the online classes that are about to start. Users can also book their preferred classes from our app or website, so that it is easier for them to plan their day to day.

Subscription to Andjoy has great benefits. We offer, through our app, a personalized training plan, a social network to interact with other users and the possibility of inviting a friend, in addition to being able to choose between going to a center or enjoying one of their online classes at home.More than 400 companies are committed to our service. Being able to enjoy fitness & wellness 7 days a week helps combat stress, increases enthusiasm and contributes to a more positive vision. All this translates into higher labor productivity and is an excellent tool to improve employee loyalty.The former Gymforless was founded in 2014 to provide users with the ability to access a gym with the daily pass. Subsequently, attending the demands, our project evolved towards monthly subscriptions. Since the beginning of 2018, it belongs to the Sodexo group, a world-leading company in quality of life services. Since then, we started an expansion to offer our services in other countries. In September 2019 we changed the name of Gymforless to Andjoy, since it allows us to have a more global reach.

February 2018 - EXIT

GymForLess is acquired by Sodexo and itnig exits the project.