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Camillion is a tool that allows you to send video and audio messages in an organized, efficient and casual way. It is a mobile application that bets on a new communication format, the “Smart video messages”, an evolution of email, faster and more efficient.


They decided to start with a video social network 5 years ago, a video “Twitter” to generate conversations, and for 4 years they thought about the business model. They pivoted their product to a B2B free trial prototype, focusing initially on companies that used whatsapp audios to communicate.

They currently have 30 companies in Spain, Israel, Slovakia, Canada and the US, and have become customers through referral and organically. They target “mobile first” companies, sales teams, product and e-commerce marketing. The founder and CEO of the company is Adrian Domenech who has worked as Product Manager in several companies, before starting Vitcord, now Camillion.


Adapt like chameleons to any situation. Camillion is changing the way information is exchanged and images are shared for an entire industry. People first, video first, anywhere and organized.

Camillion aims to alleviate the excess of video calls and eliminate the fatigue of reading and participating in long text threads so common in emails, and does it through asynchronous messaging, offering a clearer, more efficient and casual communication. They also want to be present in LATAM and US, and that all companies use the app, being market leaders in this segment, supplying 90% of the current communication in young people, and making it their new natural conversation space, either because they set up their own companies or because they introduce it in the companies where they work, being their new way of talking.