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Factorial is a Human Resources management platform providing a software solution for medium-sized businesses, helping them streamline their HR processes, and digitize cumbersome tasks.  Factorial aims to support companies in their transition to digital and beyond. Everything from Time-tracking, Vacation Management, ATS, E-Signature, Onboarding, Performance Management, and more, can be easily automated with their software. Thanks to Factorial, HR professionals can save time they otherwise would have spent on repetitive tasks. Instead, this time can be allocated to caring for their employees.

Jordi Romero, Factorial’s CEO shares that their growth shows that Barcelona is the ideal location for creating a global organization while recruiting high-class talent.

Philosophy & Mission

Factorial’s philosophy is based on strong values and a solution based mindset. The team is constantly innovating to come up with new features and improvements to the platform. These developments ultimately allow companies to scale while nurturing their talent in the process. The company’s mission is centered around helping organizations to make smarter business decisions based on real data. Solving HR admin problems is only just the beginning. The idea is to free up time for HR professionals so they can focus more on what matters the most, and that is developing their team.

As part of their philosophy, Factorial encourages companies to accelerate their thinking around HR. Human Resources isn’t only about managing employees and maximizing HR resources. Instead, at the core, HR is about investing in the development of the talent a company has.

Our Story 

Thanks to a team of passionate and innovative thinking serial entrepreneurs, Factorial was founded in  Barcelona in 2016. What started out as a small project, has now become one of the top HR software solutions to help companies manage their employees while eliminating the need to spend hours upon hours on time-consuming tasks. Jordi Romero, Bernat Farrero, and Pau Ramón, the founders of Factorial, wanted to make managing HR processes simple. They wanted to automate HR tasks so that managers could have more time to focus on their employees and commit to making better business decisions. Since their humble beginnings, Factorial has continued to grow and expand and now offers its software solution in over 40 countries worldwide. The recent successful funding round of 2020, which saw a 15 Million Euro investment thanks to CRV, shows that Factorial is not only surviving well but thriving. Moving forward, Factorial continues to grow internationally, bringing HR solutions to the HR problems of human resources professionals. Their desire to truly understand the needs of human resources is one of the keys to their success.