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The Vision

Hamelyn was born based on a strong believe that the experience of selling those items you no longer need can be improved by an order of magnitude.

99% of the things you have at home have a value in the secondary market. Through software, Hamelyn wants to be able to calculate what that value is so they can then offer you a price to buy that item from you and pay you instantly.

Hamelyn then uses technology to give that item worldwide visibility in the main marketplaces so that item can get sold fast and making a margin out of every transaction.

Making it happen

Operations play an important role in this business model so the platform could not be launched covering all product categories, that is why “Books” was selected as the single best vertical to launch an MVP and test the market.

This MVP was launched on November 2020 and since then Hamelyn has put +50.000€ in people´s pockets and sold +20.000 units all over the world giving these items a second life and helping the planet while doing so.

What is yet to come

This growth led Hamelyn to close its first funding round of 500K€ with prestigious and very strategic funds such as Itnig, Cabiedes & Partners and Angels Capital.

Now, with this injection of capital, a new +1.000 m2 logistics center in Madrid and a team of 15 people, Hamelyn is ready to face the second stage of the company and go from an MVP and a small team to something much larger.

Hamelyn wants to make people think preowned first and build the world´s leading second hand online store.