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Orain enables digital payment in all types of self-service machines, in general, those that could only be paid for with coins, such as vending machines, coffee shops, laundries, car parks, car washes, etc. and all the services associated to ensure an optimal shopping experience as similar as possible to a conventional store.  

Spring 2016 - The origin

  Orain Technologies SL was founded in March 2016 by Xavier Sans (current CEO), Felipe Lumbreras, and Juan José Villanueva. The company was formed after months of working on the project, which was incubated at the Computer Vision Center (CVC), a center attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona.  

Winter 2016 - MVP and first clients and prescribers

  By the end of the year, the first version of the Orain platform was available, consisting of the app and a back-office for managing the systems installed on the machines. At that time, the company closed its first sale and installed one of its first systems at the Banco Sabadell headquarters located in Sant Cugat, where the Orain service is still operational.  

Autumn 2017 - First round of funding and new offices

  The Orain project receives its first round of funding from Nero Ventures and various Business Angels. At the end of this year, a capital increase is carried out in which Eurovending enters as an investor.   At the same time, Orain’s team of 6 people was installed in Sant Cugat, where it gradually increased to 16 employees in 2018.   

Summer 2018 - First sales in Italy 

  Italy is launched as a new market and the first Italian customers are obtained, some of them among the most important in the country.  

Autumn 2018 - Innovative SME label and new financing

  That same autumn, Orain received the “PYME Innovadora” award from the Spanish Government, together with funding for a technological project at the state level.  

Spring 2019 - New verticals: Refrigerators, Home Coffee and Laundry

  Orain launches 3 new verticals for its platform Smart refrigerators, self-service laundries, and home coffee machines. At the same time, new projects related to car washes, gaming machines, and other types of self-service machines are opened.  

Summer 2019 - New offices

  In mid-2019, the entire team moved to new offices in the same area, from where it currently operates with its 24 employees.  

Autumn 2019 - Opening of France and new subsidy

  Orain decides to expand its markets of operation and begins to distribute its service hand in hand with the main machine operators in France. In the same month, Orain received a subsidy from the NEOTEC program, granted by the Spanish Government.  

First-quarter 2020 - Itnig

  In early 2020, Itnig joined the investment team at Orain, together with other investment funds and new Business Angels, with the aim of enhancing Orain’s opportunities to establish itself as a reference in terms of interaction with machines and self-service purchasing.

Founded in 2016