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With a network of over a thousand parking lots distributed over hundreds of cities in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, Parkimeter is a European leader in digital parking solutions.

For travelers

Drivers can book a parking spot by the day when traveling for work or for leisure. Users are able to choose (filtering by proximity, price or features like electric chargers, height, schedules, etc) a parking location from Parkimeter’s extensive offer and securely book their parking space. Parkimeter saves them the time, the gas and the bother of driving around looking for a place to park, and they can save up to 80% of the price when booking for several days.

This service is offered in 10 languages: Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Danish. Parkimeter’s passion for customer satisfaction has gotten it to be rated the best parking booking company by the users.

For companies

Businesses struggle with countless minor parking receipts. The time consumed in managing expense sheets and refunds to employees is as big of a concern for companies as losing tax benefits is, since those receipts are not valid for VAT reimbursement.

Parkimeter has designed a parking payment App for companies that fixes both pains. For drivers, they may pay their parking stays directly with their phone; whereas for the company, it gets a single monthly VAT-deductible invoice as well as detailed reports for approvals and cost-center assignments.

A bit of history

Parkimeter was founded by Jordi Badal and Ferran Gatius in 2013 with the vision of fixing the parking business inefficiencies. The first product was launched in 2014 consisting of the first parking app for companies offering dozens of parkings in Barcelona. 

In 2015, Parkimeter launched a new web-based product for booking parking spaces for days that, over the years, has become the leader in search engine positioning for parking-related keywords and is now the main source of revenue for the company.

Between 2015 and 2016, Parkimeter reproduced the success in Barcelona to the whole country of Spain, growing exponentially in number of cities, parkings and revenue and signing some of the biggest parking providers in the country like Saba, BSM and AENA. This success was recognised in 2016 by the business association of Catalonia -CECOT- with its prize for entrepreneurship.

In 2017, after an investment round of 250.000 the company successfully repeated the Spanish success by expanding to Italy and becoming a relevant player in that country. In 2018 and 2019 Parkimeter added Portugal and France respectively, to its portfolio of countries.