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QUIPU is a cloud invoicing and business administration software for companies, freelancers and bookkeepers.

We exist to dramatically simplify business administration, provide updated financial management information so entrepreneurs can make better decisions.

We streamline the way the user can access and “feed” Quipu (invoices, bank transactions, receipts, documents, etc) using technologies like API’s, mobile or bank syncronization.

We automate routinary data processing using OCR technology, auto-tagging, machine learning, automatic bank reconciliation, etc.

Our client-friendly interface allows non-expert users to digitize its business and deal with invoicing and accounting.

We connect bookkeepers so that they can validate their customers data and deal with tax & accounting.


Up to Date. We want to make sure all businesses can have their business data safe, digitized, updated and make sure decision makers can understand it.

Simple. That’s why we make sure everyone can work with Quipu wasting as little time as possible with admin tasks! Our main challenge is to keep the interface simple, clean and comprehensible for all kinds of users.

Supportive. We care about our customers and team. That’s why we want to support and empower everyone to grow.  Business administration is an unpleasant task: we want to make sure there is no more pain on it.

The Story 

Founded in July 2013, QUIPU quickly became a segment leader among freelancers, small companies and bookkeepers.

Roger Dobaño (CEO), Albert Bellonch (CTO) and Bernat Farrero (itnig) founded a software that solves a problem that all businesses - large and small - must deal with and tends to be a nightmare. That was our challenge: to bring affordable technology to businesses that were used to work with paper, offline and with too many routinary processes.

During 2013 we created an embryo for itnig’s startups as a proof of concept. We released the first fully operative version in January 2014 mainly for freelancers. During 2014 we started working with leading bookkeepers and they quickly became a relevant Partner changing the way the sector works.

During all these years we have been growing the product and the team, serving bigger customers and automating each administrative process more and more. We are proud not just to build a great software that provides service to more than 6.000 customers but to create one of the reference blogs about business administration, accounting and taxes with more that 500.000 visits each month.

Founded in 2013