Startup logo

Syra was born in 2015, in a small pedestrian street in the neighborhood of Gràcia, in Barcelona.  Small coffee shops, take-away, meticulously designed, and focus on one product only: specialty coffee.    We are coffee-roasters and we select import, cup, and roast every single bean of coffee served in our locations.  Our purpose? Democratize good coffee, through our own locations, with a unique design, and impeccable quality and at a competitive price. 

Less is more 

This quote from the german architect Mies Van Der Rohe applies in all the processes of our work. From the simplification of our providers to the focus in our main product only: specialty coffee. The mono-product is key in our concept, and turns Syra into the reference of good coffee, wherever we open a new location. Our image, our product and our locations have a common purpose: to reflect our transparency, honesty, and flawless quality.  

A design-driven coffee company

Every product, merchandising, coffee, location, or communication is meticulously thought, develop and created, internally. From our takeaway paper cups (customized even in the most invisible parts), to every single corner of our coffee shops, and to our unique communication with costumers.    


October 2015 

Birth in Gracia, Barcelona 

January 2017

Relocation of our first location in Gràcia

June 2019 

Opening of the new HQ+Roastery

July 2019

Launching of our e-shop

August 2019 

Opening Syra Coffee Poblenou with Itnig (Poblenou)

November 2019 

Opening Syra Coffee Poble Sec (Barcelona)

January 2020

Opening Syra Coffee P. Sant Joan (Barcelona)