Event Venue Choosing for Your Event in Barcelona

If you are hosting your next corporate event in Barcelona and are looking for a place to host it, we have the perfect solution. Looking for an event venue, and most importantly, choosing one, can be a tedious task. Poblenou is known for its amazing spaces which are the perfect blend between industrial and modern design. It is also a district that is home to many small and big names across different industries.

Why have your event in this area?

Well, this area is an amazing blend of styles. With different vibes also comes the most interesting of venues. You can have an event in a redesigned warehouse that is as modern as could be with exposed ceilings. There is also an advantage as this are is very close to metro and bus stations. It is extremely well-connected throughout the city.

Where to have my event?

Although there are many to choose from, at Itnig Spaces we have an event venue which is very popular among our clients. It even has an attached cafeteria that serves Syra Specialty Coffee! The space counts with bathrooms, a terrace, sofas, tables, chairs, screens, speakers and much more… Whatever you may need will be at your disposal at any time. When there are no events, we repurpose the area as a coworking space, which you can also checkout through this link!

What kind of events can we host?

We can host from networking events to fitness classes. Our venue in Itnig Spaces has a capacity of up to 200 people (cocktail style)! We also have chairs and tables in case you’re more of a sitting down event. Whatever it is, we got you covered. Even more, we have a catering and coffee break menu, which you could get. And if you have any suggestions or special requests, we plan to make it happen! If you want to see the Event Brochure, make sure to click here. At the end, we aim to host the event you have always wanted. Our customers have a say in every decision, including what they need for audiovisuals and what they hope to eat.

If you want to see some pictures of the events we have hosted, check out Instagram or LinkedIn accounts!

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