Benefits of Coffee at Work

Caffeine and cowork are directly related and come in hand. The correct use of it can bring many different benefits to your health, not only physical but also mental. Coffee is also consumed due to it´s marvellous taste, it is very characteristic itself but there is also a great variety of flavours to it. Here at Itnig, we offer the best speciality coffee in collaboration with Syra Coffee, dedicated to producing the highest quality coffee.

Increased Focus

Caffeine contains a natural stimulant that increases focus and concentration. This is because it helps to reduce fatigue. In addition, coworking and coffee drinking link so well because your cognitive performance also increases. The main advantage of this is having a better memory which is helpful during work hours, when you have many tasks to accomplish. Your energy levels also rise with coffee, studies prove that regular caffeine consumption can improve performance by up to 12%. Obviously taking it in excess, like any other thing, is bad and can produce the opposite effect.

Positive Effects on Mental Health

A little daily caffeine is very convenient in order to improve your mood. The risk of depression lowers when you drink coffee. This is key when you are inside of a working environment, since your are willing to spread good vibes and provide a positive atmosphere. It also comes helpful with networking activities, sometimes when we are tired we don´t quite listen to what other people are telling us and this is not good if we want to establish relationships.

If you enjoy coffee drinking and you are looking for networking activities that can boost your business, don´t doubt visiting us!

Coworking and Coffee!

Coffee is always better enjoyed with someone else. Creating networking experiences inside of a coworking space is a great way to motivate you to work even harder. Benefitting from a positive environment and high quality coffee is possible at Itnig, so don´t hesitate in contacting us for further information.

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