Benefits of Coffee at Work

Caffeine and cowork are directly related and come in hand. The correct use of it can bring many different benefits to your health, not only physical but also mental. Coffee is also consumed due to it´s marvellous taste, it is very characteristic itself but there is also a great variety of flavours to it. Here at Itnig, we offer the best speciality coffee in collaboration with Syra Coffee, dedicated to producing the highest quality coffee.

Increased Focus

Caffeine contains a natural stimulant that increases focus and concentration. This is because it helps to reduce fatigue. In addition, coworking and coffee drinking link so well because your cognitive performance also increases. The main advantage of this is having a better memory which is helpful during work hours, when you have many tasks to accomplish. Your energy levels also rise with coffee, studies prove that regular caffeine consumption can improve performance by up to 12%. Obviously taking it in excess, like any other thing, is bad and can produce the opposite effect.

Positive Effects on Mental Health

A little daily caffeine is very convenient in order to improve your mood. The risk of depression lowers when you drink coffee. This is key when you are inside of a working environment, since your are willing to spread good vibes and provide a positive atmosphere. It also comes helpful with networking activities, sometimes when we are tired we don´t quite listen to what other people are telling us and this is not good if we want to establish relationships.

If you enjoy coffee drinking and you are looking for networking activities that can boost your business, don´t doubt visiting us!

Coworking and Coffee!

Coffee is always better enjoyed with someone else. Creating networking experiences inside of a coworking space is a great way to motivate you to work even harder. Benefitting from a positive environment and high quality coffee is possible at Itnig, so don´t hesitate in contacting us for further information.

Best Coffee Shops in Poblenou, Barcelona

Poblenou, a vibrant neighbourhood in Barcelona, is one of the main meeting points for digital nomads and remote workers. With is artistic atmosphere, lively streets and wide supply of coworking spaces and coffee shops, Poblenou offers everything you need succeed in a productive working day.

Within many different options, Itnig Café, is one of the best. It´s welcoming cafeteria has turned into one of the favourite spots of the community.

Itnig Café

Located in Calle de Pujades 100, it opens the doors to a modern, dynamic and collaborative space. It is designed for it to be a space in where you can work, meet and connect with other professionals. It has free high speed wifi and plugs in every table.

Not only is Itnig Café known for its working atmosphere, but also for its exceptional coffee. The baristas, who are experts in the art of coffee making, use high quality coffee beans which a delicately selected.

It´s wide variety of options enables you to choose between speciality coffee, teas, juices, smoothies, bakery, sandwiches, salads and many more. It´s speciality coffee is what people come looking for, using beans from unique origins and new extraction methods.

Itnig Café has several working spaces available, including individual tables, shared tables and meeting rooms. The perfect set up for digital nomads and startups. Moreover, it offers an exclusive membership programme with discounts for food and drinks, access to exclusive events and the possibility to freely use the meeting rooms. Regularly Itnig organizes events such as workshops, talks and networking.

Itnig also has its coworking next to the coffee shop, with private offices, hot desk membership, fixed desk membership and meeting rooms. These spaces are prepared with all the technology that is required by entrepreneurs, startups and any kind of business. A places where creativity and inspirations appears by itself.

You can come and visit your new working space, just contact us asking for a tour at: [email protected].

Little Fern

Placed in Carrer Pere IV, 168 you will find a calm refugee with a vintage style. The decoration with plants and relaxed atmosphere will make you not want to leave this place.

You have access to free wifi, some plug located on the walls and different types of working spots.

They have a filtered coffee and hihg quality tea, with a large variety of flavours. In addition, you can try their homemade cakes, vegetarian sandwiches and healthy salads. The perfect mix for a nutritive break.

Repúblic Cafè

Here you can enjoy quality coffee in a welcoming and modern environment. You can find it in Rambla del Poblenou, 22.

It offers free wifi, plugs and a great variety of food and drinks. Speciality coffee and pastry are the go to. If you are looking for a place to relax or concentrate with friends, this is a great option.

Jacobs Inn Cafe

Located in calle L´Amistat, 21, good option to enjoy from a varied atmosphere. It is perfect for having breakfast since they have plenty of options and all of them are produced with natural products. This space is fresh looking ideal for resetting your mind.

  • It is also a hostel, therefore you can find rooms to sleep in the same building.
  • Offers catering services for events and groups.
  • Your online parcels can be shipped here so you can pick them up or ask for home delivery.

Federal Café

This coffee shop combines vintage and industrial styles and welcomes you to an innovative atmosphere. Inside the coffee shop there is a relaxed and calm vibe, perfect for working with your laptop.

They have free wifi and plugs around most of the tables.

It has a variety of options for brunch including sandwiches, salads, some hot plates. It also has good sweet options, that can be accompanied with its speciality coffee. The other drinks available are also naturally produced.