Business Angels: How to Find Them

Business angels, who are they? No, they’re not mythical creatures as the name suggests. They’re real-life people that provide financing for startups with their own capital, in exchange for becoming partners of the company. 

Business angels look for ways to keep themselves active in a particular business area, they also may want to teach other entrepreneurs. Without getting to work full-time, that is, as much as what a management position requires or having the mission to build something from scratch. Therefore, in addition to money, the business angel invests valuable time, contacts and knowledge from their previous experience.

¿What are the most important things for a Business Angel?

The investment that these people make carries risks and it is normal for them to have concerns that may determine the viability or failure of the project.

  • Something very important, in addition to numbers, is usually the human facet of business; the passion, dedication and integrity of the startup founders. A business angel will care for these factors as much as the economic profitability calculations.
  • In more operational terms, the business angel will study the market and the opportunities offered by the startup.
  • The chosen startup must be able to respond to the business idea a business angel has in mind so that it meets their expectations of becoming a bigger company.
  • Business angels have a special eye for investment in interesting technology or intellectual property.

What kind of questions should entrepreneurs expect from a business angel?

  • How much capital would you want to invest?
  • How long will that capital last?
  • Do you have financial details about the projections for the next two years?
  • What do you base your projections on?
  • What key costs are there for your product or service?
  • What do you expect your profit margins to be?

Some business angels in Barcelona:

  • Albert Armengol
  • Albert Domingo
  • Albert Ribera
  • Alex Rodriguez Bacardit
  • Andrés Bou
  • Bernat Farrero
  • Chris Bouwer
  • Dan Kragt
  • David Tomas
  • David Boronat
  • David Jordan
  • Didac Lee
  • Elena Gomez del Pozuelo
  • Gerard Olivé
  • Guillem Serra
  • Helena Torras
  • Horacio Martos Borja
  • Javier Llorente
  • Jesus Monleon
  • Juan Margenat
  • Jordi Romero
  • Miguel Vicente
  • Nacho Cofré
  • Nacho González Barros
  • Oriol Vila
  • Pau Ramon
  • Pere Mayol
  • Perre Valles
  • Roger Dobaño
  • Sergi Benet

To find specific information about the Business Angels of Barcelona: click here

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