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Itnig Spaces a Coworking Space for Everyone

Itnig Spaces is a Coworking that was born as an idea like every other startup. The goal is to bring flexible and affordable working spaces for everyone and since then, Itnig has been working towards that. We are building a vibrant community of startups, driven by technology and fueled by creativity, always empowering entrepreneurs to focus on their goals. We also have a cafeteria that doubles as a coworking station. It offers specialty coffee from Syra Coffee. Of course, we have benefits so you can fuel your body!

Our plans

Itnig Spaces currently offers multiple plans to fit in with your work style! Whether you are looking for flexibility, privateness, stability, or just occasional days, we have everything.

Hot Desk

With the hot desk choose your place every day. Could it be more flexible than that? Our Hot Desk gives you the chance to choose where you want to work and your view on a daily basis. It is also the perfect chance to network with entrepreneurs around you! You get unlimited coffee from our coffee shop and free entrance to all of our events!

Fixed Desk

Choose the place that you like the best and it’s yours! The Fixed Desk is a perfect fit for people who crave a little more stability and those who do not want to move around; it even includes your own drawer for storage! It is also a great choice for startups or small companies so your team can always be together. You get unlimited coffee from our coffee shop and free entrance to all of our events!

10-Day Punch Pass

If you only want to come a few days a week to your new office, this punch pass is essential! You pay for 9 days and get one free. These 10 passes can be used in a time span of 6 months but if you use them in less it also works! You can get them in this link and come work in any of our spaces. The best part: get one free coffee every day you come

Day Pass

If you want to come for a day or an afternoon, our day pass is ideal! Buy it online and you can even come the same day. It fits perfectly with digital nomads who are only here for a day or two and are in need of a working area. It is as affordable as can be and even includes one free drink at the café!

Coming Soon: Private Offices

Recently renovated and catered especially to your company’s needs we will now offer private offices. Our private offices adapt to the needs of your team including time; long-term or short-term are both available. We renovate offices on demand, depending on your necessities and budget. Just tell us what you need!

Besides all of our plans, we are a pet-friendly coworking space! We are also bike friendly and enjoy new ideas and creativity. It is a space to be as authentic as can be.

Itnig Spaces, a coworking for you.

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