On commitment

View of the Mallorca island early in the morning, after long hours of night sailing The other day a friend was arguing why he would never accept money from an investor to start a company. That would make him responsible and he would feel stressed by having to report to that future shareholder, specially when things […]


3 years at Quipu: my lessons

Dog years As someone said, startups years are just like dog years. So, 3 years might feel to be 21: you definitely have to assimilate fast and time is precious if you want to test and validate ideas. In 3 years we’ve been invested 2 times and we are preparing a new one. We built […]


Interview with Luke Miller, CEO @ Hitch

We had the opportunity to talk to Luke Miller, CEO @Hitch, a company that recently raised 700K€ to keep helping companies grow and manage APIs. He explained to us what Hitch does, their target market, their take on the API market future, how they expect to massively acquire customers, how they convinced their VC to […]


Interview with Oriol Vila, CEO @Holaluz

I’m Oriol Vila, I founded holaluz.com 5 years ago, I’m a Civil Engineer, I studied an executive MBA in 2009 and there is where I met my partners Carlota Pi and Ferran Nogué and decided to found the company. Can you briefly give us the Holaluz pitch about what it does and how it differentiates […]