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Startup jobs in Barcelona are definitely a thing now. These are really uncertain times but one thing remains for sure: the need for change. Startups, not only in Barcelona but around the world have shown great capacity to adapt themselves to take advantage of the situation, they have a survivor instinct. So, why wouldn’t you want to be part of a powerful startup team?

Most people dream of working and living in Barcelona. But it’s not only one of the most beautiful cities around the world, but it is also one of the top emerging startup ecosystems and talent hubs. With significant growth in startup activity, startup jobs in Barcelona are thriving and they’re absolutely worth it, here’s why:

Working Culture

We’re living through crazy and challenging times, true. This is why you should consider if what you’re doing and where and with whom you’re working is really worth it. Working culture can affect our motivation, our drive and ambition, and even our mood. So why wouldn’t you choose to work at a company – and city – that really excites and challenges you?

First of all, startup jobs in Barcelona aren’t boring at all. More importantly, you’ll always feel like the job you’re doing has an actual purpose. That’s the beauty of startup jobs, everything is to be done. The fun part is to experiment, try new things, and see what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. Working at a startup, you’ll have the freedom to explore in a culture that embraces mistakes to learn from them and move forward.

Building + opening Itnig in Barcelona

A very important factor in the startup working culture is flexibility. Now more than ever being flexible is key. Most companies weren’t prepared to send their employees home and work remotely. Founder of Itnig, Bernat Farrero talks about how to enable remote work in your teams and how Factorial, where he’s CRO, is adapting to this new way of working.


Startup jobs in Barcelona are very “chill” when it comes to formalities. It’s more important how productive you are than how you dress. That doesn’t mean you can come to work in pajamas, but chances are the person in a suit or tie is just a client visiting. Plus, some of them might event be dog-friendly.


Startups in Barcelona are homes of very ambitious teams. They’re people who think completely out of the box on how to change the market, the industry, and even the world. Startups are agile teams looking for opportunities in any situation. This means startup teams are very flexible and open to trying new things, taking risks, and doing everything possible to make the company grow. This leads to:

Team culture

You are not alone. Even when working from home, startup teams make an effort to work together and support each other to have the best results possible. Teams are usually very close, aligned, and share the same goals. They’re usually smaller, which gives you more responsibilities within your team and an opportunity to learn from others. Also, there’s a closer relationship between teams and departments, which makes the company’s communication smoother and, most times, more effective.

Performance culture

Startups avoid a performance-obsessed culture and instead they focus on creating a performance-oriented culture. This means your work has to have a purpose, a positive impact on the company’s growth. Even if you’re doing “a lot”, if it doesn’t add any value to the team, the product, or the company itself, you don’t want to waste time on that. Startups’ time is precious and every working minute has to be invested in achieving better results, growing. What are you good for? What can you do to add value to the company? Those are questions to help you decide on what to work on and how to improve your performance.

Professional and personal growth

Because a startup is an early-stage/growing business, you’ll find yourself growing along with it. Professionally, you’ll face many challenges, some bigger than others. A lot of startups don’t care much about what kind of degree you have, instead, they care about your ability to adapt and your attitude towards these challenges. More importantly, they look for quick learners and people with enough ambition to grow inside the company.

And, like any other job, working in a startup will obviously influence your personal growth. You’ll find yourself constantly thinking about ways to improve something, even if it’s non-work related. You’ll have more interest in how things work and why, what other startups are doing, what’s going on in the ecosystem. This will open your mind. Startup jobs in Barcelona have a crazy effect and you’ll start to feel the need to change old habits, make things more efficient, look for solutions, and find more challenges. Working at a startup will probably turn you into a more curious, proactive, and aware person.

Join Factorial Sales team


Multicultural environment + diversity

When I said startup jobs in Barcelona weren’t boring, I meant it. Barcelona is a very international city and has become a top place of interest for talented people from around the world. You’ll find all kinds of coworkers, from all kinds of nationalities, backgrounds, and ideologies. This is one of the most inspiring, challenging, and fun features of startup jobs. Because you’ll be seeing them daily and working closely with them, it’s very important to keep an open mind and open yourself to new ways of thinking, new perspectives and make the most out of it. Learning from them not only as professional teammates but as people. In the end, if you get along with your coworkers, you’ll enjoy work while contributing to one another.


Along with the advantages mentioned before, startup jobs in Barcelona have many perks. With the city’s social atmosphere, startups like to work on team-building even outside the office. They often organize fun activities and events for the whole company to bond and create a friendly environment.

At Itnig, for example, we organize weekly afterworks at our coffice, where we enjoy some beers and even play ping-pong or foosball. It’s the perfect afterwork activity to relax and get to know your coworkers. We also organize BBQs and Volleyball tournaments at the beach.

Volleyball tournament – Itnig team

Startup Jobs

What kind of people are startups looking for?

It doesn’t matter where you come from, the color of your skin, your age, sexual orientation, or if you like pineapple on your pizza. Startup jobs are for those who embrace the challenges and risks of starting something from scratch, people that can come up with solutions rather than excuses. If you’re interested in the hows and whys, you’re a good candidate for a startup job.

Startups also look for open minded, modern people. Again, this has nothing to do with age or culture, but how a person chooses to see the world around them and how you embrace changes and new ways of thinking. You have to be interested to be interesting for startups.

How to find startup jobs in Barcelona

Startup jobs in Barcelona are always are present in an endless amount of employment websites such as InfoJobs, LinkedIn, Glassdoor… you name it! However, if you want to filter them apart from the traditional job offers, you can try by subscribing to a startup-related newsletter or checking out certain websites such as Itnig Weekly, Barcelona Activa, BCN Startup Grind, or Barcelona Tech City.

Another way to look find startup jobs in Barcelona is by introducing yourself directly, telling the startup a bit about yourself, and why you would be a great candidate to join the team. Because even if there’s no online job offer, they might see you can add value to the company. Why not?

What kind of job openings are there?

Here are some examples, but startups do look for all kinds of profiles!

At itnig, we are constantly looking for talent to join our startup teams. Don’t be shy!

Check out our job board with opening positions or drop us a line at [email protected]

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