Itnig invests in Syra Coffee ☕

Itnig invests in Syra Coffee and to tell you all about it, in our episode #100 we interviewed Yassir Raïs, founder of Syra Coffee, who is rapidly growing a successful business in the specialty coffee sector. We at Itnig deeply believe in his project and we have decided to invest in accelerating its growth!
Syra and Itnig together became what we call Coffice, an office space that offers coffee for everyone.

Podcast #100: From 1 to 100 cafeterias with Yassir Raïs from Syra Coffee

We got to the podcast 100 already, and to celebrate it we have invited Yassir Raïs, founder and CEO at Syra Coffee. At Itnig we believe in the potential of his project and Itnig invests in Syra Coffee through the Itnig Fund to support its growth. His claim is to democratize coffee, good coffee. He believes that specialty coffee should not be expensive but it should remain of outstanding quality. His success in his fist shop in Gracia (Barcelona) has encouraged him to dream big and scale the business to become the leader in the sector.
We compared the business to Luckin Coffee (over 1.700 shops) and Starbucks. Check it out here!

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Syra was born in 2015, in a small pedestrian street in the neighborhood of Gràcia, in Barcelona.

A design-driven coffee company

Small coffee shops, take-away, meticulously designed, and focus on one product only: specialty coffee. They are coffee-roasters and select import, cup, and roast every single bean of coffee served in their shops.

Every product, merchandising, coffee, location, or communication is meticulously thought, develop and created, internally. From our takeaway paper cups (customized even in the most invisible parts) to every single corner of our coffee shops, and to our unique communication with costumers.

Come to Itnig Coffice on Pujades, 100 and have a delicious cup of coffee while meeting super interesting people!