Coworking in poblenou and best places to go for lunch there

Itnig Spaces is a coworking in Poblenou. Poblenou is a neighbourhood that has recently become a hub for innovation startups as well as coworking spaces. Our goal is to provide the best service possible to our coworkers which is why we have partnerships with companies like Nora Real Foods as well as an in-site coffee shop and cafeteria! However, we understand that from time to time it is natural to crave restaurant food. Because of this, we have created a list with our favourite places to have lunch just a short walking distance from the office.

Noru Bar

With a 4,6 star rating in Google maps, we believe it is one of the best Ramen restaurants around the area. With a short but amazing menu, you get to eat a great selection of ramen! Currently they have 4 different Ramen plates in their menu: laksa curry, kimchee, tan tan men and miso. It is also affordable and open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Neko Sushi

This take away sushi is right next to the LLacuna metro station. A short 5 minute walk from Itnig Spaces. Our go-to sushi place with many different plates and combos. You can also eat salads, bowls and entrees like Edamame, Gyozas and much more. It is also affordable and has amazing quality! The best part is its is Takeaway! You can bring your lunch back to your office or enjoy it in a park close by.

Petit Bangkok

This Thai restaurant will amaze your taste buds. It is also one block away from Itnig Spaces! Petit Bangkok has restaurants around the city in which you feel immersed in the Thai culture. They have almost 2,000 reviews in Google Maps and a 4,6 rating. You can only expect the best from them. You can make reservations through their website and enjoy delicious food during your break!

Gabby’s Brunch

If you love brunch as much as we do, Gabby’s brunch is a great place to go! It is open from 9AM to 4PM which means you can have brunch for lunch. Their menu ranges from sweet to salty, but always tasty. Every plate is handmade! They do not have reservations, only walk-ins. They are rated with 4,5 starts on Google Maps by almost 1,000 people. An extra is that it is open 7/7 days of the week so you can come by any time you want!

Little Fern

Little fern is a  New Zealand–inspired brunch spot in Poblenou. It is 7 minutes walking from Itnig Spaces! They are open from 9AM to 4PM the 7 days of the week. They are pet-friendly and have Vegan options! You can make a reservation when you have a group of 6+ people for lunch. they are rated 4,7 starts on Google Maps and has great reviews!

Poblenou’s neighbourhood in Barcelona is a remarkable neighbourhood that seamlessly blends coworking opportunities with gastronomic delights. Whether you’re looking to work in a dynamic and collaborative environment or seeking out delicious culinary experiences, Poblenou has it all. Embrace the vibrant coworking scene, connect with like-minded professionals, and try the diverse flavors that this neighborhood has to offer. Coworking in Poblenou and exploring its culinary landscape will undoubtedly leave you satisfied.

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