Coworking in Poblenou Barcelona: Best Coffee Places Around

Coworking in Poblenou Barcelona is becoming more popular everyday! It is an area where technology and innovation meet, so there has been a significant raise in the demand for working spaces in the area. For all of the hours spent working, good coffee is needed! We took it upon us to find the best coffee in the area to fuel your creativity…

Acid House Coffee Shop

A cultural innovation hub made for creation and innovation in business. It is an initiative by Folch but is also supported by industry’s big players. They want to revolutionise business from inside the coffee shop. Its goal is to to explore, give shape and produce innovative and groundbreaking initiatives in education, interdisciplinary arts

Nomad Frutas Selectas

Nomad coffee opened one of their cafés in Poblenou. Open Monday through Friday 8:30h – 18:00h, and Saturdays 10:00h – 18:00h, you can enjoy great coffee! It is also a place where you can find the typical types of bread and great pastries by Pa de Kilo. It has a take away vibe with little sitting space but a more than comfortably big local.

Joliu Café

Formerly an industrial building, they have reformed the local to give and chic yet industrial vibe. Besides offering great specialty coffee, it is a concept store where you can find magazines, pottery and plants. They have a variety of vegan and gluten-free options so everyone can safely enjoy eating there. You can also rent the space to have photoshoots, workshops and anything you can think of!

Itnig Café

Specialty Syra Coffee with a great coworking space. It offers specialty coffee as well as many different beverages, iced and hot! There are also lots of pastries, sandwiches, and the best cookies, with amazing flavours. It is very spacious and has many shared tables. Their mural glass was made by Japanese artist Joshi Sislay. You can sit and work and also sign up for their coworking space! It Is located in Pujades 100.

Odara Café

Odara Café started as a catering company with Brazilian roots. It then grew to small coffee shop called Marmitería Café, which is now known as Odara Café. Odara comes from marvellous, and great which is what, essentially, they want their coffee to be.

When coworking in Poblenou Barcelona, coffee is much needed. Even though these are only a few options, there’s many more places! Make sure you visit when in the city and take advantage of them.

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