Affordable Coworking Spaces in Barcelona

Coworking spaces have become more and more popular during these last years. It has been fascinating how Humans are finding new ways of living, working, and sharing their expertise together. If you’re looking for affordable coworking spaces in Barcelona, hopefully, this article will help you find your place!

Coworking is a new way to work while being eco-responsible on one hand, and on the other, it is practical for independent entrepreneurs as you don’t need to find your own place. Moreover, it gives you endless opportunities to meet new people with different knowledge and expertise. Even more, it can give you the chance to realize a new project thanks to an open working place with other entrepreneurs.

In this article, we will discuss the cheapest and more expensive coworking spaces in Barcelona. These venues are all unique in their own way, offer special services and facilities and overall, they are very pleasant to work in. 

Average prices on Barcelona Coworking Market

The following table shows the memberships average prices in Barcelona.

2020 coworking averages prices in BarcelonaPrices (€)
MEETING XL (+12pax)102

It is quite difficult to choose its future coworking place because there are so many in Barcelona. Which is why we’d like to offer you an overview of what’s on the market concerning memberships and prices throughout the city.

Our favorites: Wework, OneCowork and Aticco

We have selected our three favorites coworking depending on their location, prices, and memberships in Barcelona.


Founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann et Miguel McKelvey, the company started in Manhattan in the United States. From there, they decided to move towards the French market in Paris, which definitely brought some new coworking insights. In 2017, Softbank invests 4.4 milliards dollars in the enterprise. Since then, WeWork counts more than 250+ spaces to rent and is located in 16 countries.  

  • Hot Desk : 250€/month
  • Personal Desk : from 380€/month
  • Private Office (2 persons): from 1030€/month 

Included in all memberships: parking, dog friendly, outdoor space, wellness room, event space, showers, phone booth, bike storage, showers, recreational games

In their other locations, they also offer membership options, event venues and other exiting facilities. 


They have 3 coworking spaces for the moment: 

They will open a new one soon in Passeig de Gracia. Keep yourself posted!


Phone: +34 919 01 76 50 


At OneCowork, you are very much encouraged to create with passion. Their atmosphere and decor let workers escape from their serious environment. You will find high ceilings, design furniture, and natural lightening. Everything to maximize your productivity. You will even find nice kitchens and social areas to relax and network with the rest of the coworkers. 

Also, they have an active community of their own. They host events of all kinds, from workshops with experts to afterworks, you cannot be disappointed. 

OneCowork has been on the coworking market since 2016. They have different locations through Barcelona, and each one of them has its own little sparkle. 


Included services and benefits in all memberships: 24/7, printer & scanner, Wifi, refreshments, events, meeting room, front desk reception.


They have 3 coworkings spaces in Barcelona. 


Phone: +34 936 02 67 07 (Plaça Catalunya)


Founded in 2016, Aticco has been one of the top coworking in Barcelona. They distinguish themselves as an “innovative ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs”. Each one of their locations is unique, very well designed, and comfortable to work in. If you prefer to work on a couch or a design chair piece, your choice to pick!

  • Flex Desk: from 199€

24/7, Meeting Rooms 2h, Packages Reception, Copies 150

  • Flex part time: from 189€

24/7, Morning or Afternoon, Meeting Rooms 1h/month, Packages Reception, Copies 90

  • Fixed Desk: from 349€

24/7, Meeting Rooms 2h, Packages Reception, Bank Direct Debit, Copies 200u/pax

  • Private Office: from 399€

24/7, Meeting Rooms 2h, Packages Reception, Bank Direct Debit, Copies 200u/pax

  • Weekly Pass: from 125€

Mo-Fr 9am-6pm, Packages Reception

  • Daily Pass: from 45€

Mo-Fr 9am-6pm, Free coffee or Tea, Access to Skype Booth

  • Meeting room: from 19€

These prices are not fixed. Pricing is made depending on the coworking space. If you’re looking for cheaper prices, their space in Hospitalet is the one for you.

Moreover, Aticco also offers meeting rooms and organises events throughout the year. 


Phone: + 34 688 926 829
Email: [email protected]

Cheapest coworkings in Barcelona

Bellow, you will find the cheapest coworking spaces in Barcelona per neighbourhood. 

Sagrada Familia

Algri Coworking 

Founded in 2017, Algri Coworking offers a nice wood alike space for their coworkers. Throughout their 400m2, you will find meeting rooms, privates offices, coworking, and of course, areas where you can have a break and relax. 

  • Flexible Coworker: 150€/month

Wifi, Hot Desk, Meeting room 4h/month, Mo-Fri 8h-20h

  • Fixed coworker: 180€/month

Wifi, Fixed Desk, Private Chest, Meeting room 4h/month, 24/7

  • Coworker plus: 200€/month

Wifi, Table + large wing, Private Chest, Meeting room 4h/month, 24/7

  • Coworker part-time: 100€/month

Wifi, Hot Desk, Meeting Room 3h/month, Mo-Fri 8h-20h

  • Weekly Pass: 80€/month

Wifi, Hot Desk, Mo-Fri 8h-20h

  • Daily Pass: 20€/month

Wifi, Hot Desk, Mo-Fri 8h-20h

  • Private Offices (1-4 ppl): 750€/month

Wifi, Business Domiciliation, Meeting room 4h/month, 24/7

  • Meeting room (5-6 ppl or 8-12 ppl): 15-25€/month

*Tax not included


The coworking space is located in the city center near Sagrada Familia. 


Phone: +34.932.471.144
Email: [email protected]



Originated from a Dutch Store, DepotLab sees the light in 2016. Their work is based on 4 values: Work, Learn, Connect, and Grow. The enterprise wishes to offer the best place to work for entrepreneurs as well as the environment that goes with it. They created a pleasant atmosphere for companies to grow in. It’s definitely one of the nicest affordable coworking in Barcelona.

  • Flex Full Time: 150€/month

Hot Desk, Wifi, 8h30-20h, Meeting room 4h/month, lockers

  • Super Flex: 99€/month

Hot Desk in coffee corner, Wifi, 8h30-18h, Meeting room 2h/month, lockers

  • Fixed Desk: 200€/month

Fixed Desk, Wifi, 24/7, Meeting room 6h/month, lockers

  • Weekly Pass: 75€/month

Hot Desk, Mo-Fri 8h30-20h, Wifi, lockers

  • Daily Pass: 20€/month

Hot Desk, Mo-Fri 8h30-20h, Wifi, lockers

  • 10 Days Pass: 175€/month

Hot Desk, Mo-Fri 8h30-20h, Wifi, lockers

  • Private Offices (4 pax): 250€/month pp

Event Room once per month, Wifi, 24/7, Meeting room 4h/month, lockers 


They have 3 venues in Barcelona. 


Phone: +34 655 173 925
Email: [email protected]


Itnig Coworking 

Itnig is a startup ecosystem with an investment fund for early-stage companies. A young and unstoppable community that adores technology and innovation. They offer office space for tech companies and freelancers in the 22@ neighborhood, as well as a specialty coffee and a nice event room. They also offer private offices for companies and venues for private events.  

With its high ceiling and all the light from the skylights it’s the perfect space for working. It’s on the ground level, with its own terrace and lots of plants. The combination of wood and white concrete makes the space cosy and it gives a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Itnig has partnered up with Syra Coffee. They suggest delicious home-made coffee. For the hungry ones, they also have pastries, wraps, and salads. Itnig coworkers enjoy a 20% discount on Syra Coffee

  • Standard : 199€/month

Assigned Desk, Wifi, Coffee and Tea, Locker

  • Club : 99€/month

Hot Desk, Wifi, Coffee and Tea, Locker

  • Daily Pass : 18€/day

Hot Desk, Wifi, Coffee and Tea, Locker

  • Meeting room : 20€/hour

TV screen, Flip Chart, Pen and Paper

  • Podcast room : 60€/hour

Services and benefits included in all memberships: Mail and Delivery, Front Desk, Printer, IT Support, Wifi, Bike Rack, Food Supply, Events, Pet Friendly, Syra Coffee Discount, and Afterworks.

  • Àlaba, 61: 3.350m2 distributed on four floors in an industrial building, 1 minute from Bogatell metro stop and 10 minutes from the beach. They have their own offices and also coworking space. 
  • Pujades, 100 : 2 coworkings spaces, an event venue as well as Syra Coffee. 

Phone: +34 930 00 84 94
Email: [email protected]

Poble Sec

Ca L’Agusti

This coworking space has a unique rustic charm. With its high ceilings and creative atmosphere, if you want to be inspired, this place is one to be visited. Ca L’Agusti, it’s 140m2 with three different spaces. Entrepreneurs like to exchange together and get creative during their time here, and they usually enjoy a beer at some point in the week!

  • Fixed Desk: 160€/month

Fixed Desk, 9h-21h, Meeting room 10h/month

  • Part-time Pass: 95€/month

Fixed Desk, 9h-21h, Meeting room 10h/month

  • Weekly Pass: 65€/month

Fixed Desk, 9h-21h

  • Private Office: 180-360€/month
  • Meeting room: 10€/hour

They are situated in Poble Sec. Carrer Poeta Cabanyes, 58, 08004 Barcelona


Phone: (+34) 93.408.92.11
Email: [email protected]

Barcelona definitely has more than one interesting and attractive workspace. All of them have their own philosophy of work. Some might choose their coworking depending on the atmosphere, the confort, the people, the prices or all criterias together.

Do you know what I love about this new coworking area? It’s the opportunities to meet people, to be able to work on your project and then brainstorm on it with a beer with another coworker. Well, you don’t need especially need a beer. In short, you can spend serious and good times in a place that you appreciate. It is a nice way to appreciate going to work and its workplace.

Therefore, it is important to pick the right place for you. Don’t forget to look at their community, their events and workshops. Some of them tend to discuss more about tech during their events, and others have more artistic gatherings. If you are looking for an affordable coworking place, hopefully this article sorted it out!

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