Recurrent Pitch to Investors Events in Europe in 2020

Today, it’s possible to network in many events and meet potential partners or investors. Moreover, organizers have come to realize that creating an event where investors and projects meet is interesting for the audience as well as for the entrepreneurs. A few companies and events suggest nowadays the opportunity to pitch in front of investors in Europe and other parts of the world.

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Pitch to Investors at Itnig & other Startups News

At Itnig, we know it’s hard to keep up with all the news and updates flying around. What’s new at Itnig? We organise a new recurrent event in January 2020 named Pitch to Investors. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors. For example, investors can be from our team like Bernat Farrero or also external guest funds. Speakers get instant feedback from them.

So, if you have a project in mind and you are looking for funding, come and pitch at Itnig! After the event, you also have the opportunity to network around a beer. Nothing should hold you back anymore!

Startup Inside Stories Podcast

This month, we had very interesting guests and topics on Itnig’s weekly podcast.

#117Alberto Espinós, from Tropicfeel

In this week’s podcast, we discuss crowdfunding and more concretely, reward-based crowdfunding. Alberto Espinós is the founder and CEO of Tropicfeel, a company that aims at becoming “the Patagonia of travellers”. 

Alberto started using Kickstarted as his main sales platform which allowed him to produce his first shoes at very low risk. We discuss how crowdfunding can be a great way to sell a product in B2C markets.

#118 : Rafa Blanc, from Vasquiat

In this week’s podcast, Rafa Blanc, CEO at Vasquiat explains to us how luxury fashion works and how he plans to change the sales season. The platform value proposition lies in offering discount for pre-season items instead of incentivising late consumers.

He has partnered up with Blanca Miró, fashion influencer and co-founder of the startup to bring in the unique value of product selection. Listen the full story here!

#119 : David Riudor, from Goin

In this week’s podcast, we are taking a look at Goin, an increasingly popular fintech that allows you to save and invest money. David Riudor’s objective is to make it easier for people to achieve their goals and he says they have the potential to be way more profitable than banks, so we are digging up why.

In spite of being super young, David has a very interesting business life that started with magic, leading him to meet David Copperfield and sell a company to Magia Borras. Triggered?

#120: Vincent Rosso, former GM Spain at Blablacar

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Vicent Rosso, former GM Spain at Blablacar. He tells us how he started working in the comfort of big corporations but soon jumped to the startup world by creating his own business in Spain during the crisis.

Vincent explains how he started his entrepreneurship journey and ended up managing one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe!

December Startup News & Updates

Now, here are the December startup news:

Holaluz going public seems to be doing great but what’s the difference between IPOs and Direct Listing? The NYSE wants to let companies raise capital through direct listings and that might be an option for some companies.

With the underperformance of IPOs like Uber and Lyft as well as the epic implosion of WeWork, the venture capital market has shaken quite a bit. But this week stories keep piling up as we got to know that Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google, have stepped down from Alphabet. Same happened with Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun who has stepped down as China president in a leadership reshuffle.

On the other side of the spectrum, Glovo is about to land €200M and become the second Spanish unicorn. We also got to know that football giants Atlético de Madrid, Valencia CF and Schalke 04 signed an agreement with Sorare to join blockchain game. 

Delivery Hero is betting strongly on Asia as we got to know that they bought South Korean startup Woowa for the wowing amount of $4B! That’s an energetic beginning of the week!

You might also be struggling to reach out to clients or investors so this is how to send reply worthy cold messages! And to help you even more, let me suggest 5 viral content ideas that work even in a boring niche!

In the meantime, Glovo has been raising big money after it was announced a €150M round at a monster valuation (€1B+). That makes the Barcelona-based startup the second Spanish unicorn.

This week we are also taking a look at a giant startup. Blablacar is one of those businesses that made its own market and killed it with its superb acquisition strategy. Former GM Spain Vincent Rosso tells the origins of Blablacar!

New Funding for Startups

Random Tech News

Those are December 2019 startup news!

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