Recurrent Pitch to Investors Events in Europe in 2020

Today, it’s possible to network in many events and meet potential partners or investors. Moreover, organizers have come to realize that creating an event where investors and projects meet is interesting for the audience as well as for the entrepreneurs. A few companies and events suggest nowadays the opportunity to pitch in front of investors in Europe and other parts of the world.

Pitch to Investors (Every Thursday) at Itnig
Pitch to Investors (Every Thursday), Itnig

Throughout Europe, we have found Pitch to Investors events that might catch your interest. It’s a chance to expose your project and your ideas and get feedback from whoever listens carefully. If you are looking for funds, partnerships, or if you are just curious about what projects the world is currently developing, you should find at least one event down bellow!

Pitch Angel VSc + Capital Raising Workshop (Virtual)

Where? Boston, UK
When? June 24th

About the company: Founded in 2009, Startupalooza aims to bring entrepreneurs and investors together in the US. 

About the event: You will pitch in front of Angel Investors. If you get into the top 4, you will be able to present your project publicly. 


  • Pitch Angel VCs (Early Bird ) + Workshop : 30€
  • General Admission + Workshop : Free
  • Launch Program – Analyze, Test and Plan your Pitch : 155€
  • Sponsorship : 225€

You can get your ticket here.  

Prizes to win: worth 4’500$

Contact: [email protected]

Startup INVEST (Virtual)

Where? Zurich, Switzerland
When? June 25th, 14h-18h

About the event: More than 200 attendees are excepted during this virtual event. You will be welcomed by the organizers, then you will have 5 minutes to pitch followed by a Q&A session. Depending on your project and the investors’ interest, they will be a follow-up and one-on-one virtual meetings. 

They organise several events of this kind throughout the year. 

Contact: [email protected]

Pirate Summit 

Where? Cologne, Germany 
When? 2-4 September

About the event: This summit is for corporates, investors, and early-stage startups who’d like to discover projects or submit their own. The pitch competition “Walk the Plank” counts more than 60 competitors. How does it work? You will have 3 minutes to pitch and then 2 minutes of Q&A session from the jury.

Conditions to pitch: The company has to be younger than 3 years. It also needs to have less than 100 employees and need to be looking for funding. 

You can register here

Additionally, you will need an access key in order to buy your tickets. You can apply for it here

Contact: [email protected]

South Summit

Where? Madrid, Spain
When? 6-8 October 

About the event: The startup competition welcomes any projects without being in a specific industry. It gives you the possibility for partnership, funding, or just visibility. More than 1’100 investors will be there with more than 3’700 startups. Your benefits? You will be able to share your project if you’re a part of the finalists’ startups. Furthermore, you will have one-on-one meetings with investors. Also, you’ll get access to workshops and you’ll get media coverage. 

You can register here


  • Attendee: 120€
  • Business: 252€
  • Executive Investor: 948€

Contact: [email protected]

Slush China

Where? Shanghai, China
When? 15-16 October 

About the event: Slush China is another great opportunity to pitch your project to future investors. More than 15’000 people coming from all around the world with the intention of discovering projects and maybe create partnerships. 

You can register here to pitch.

Contact: [email protected]

Web Summit

Where? Lisbon, Portugal 
When? 2-5 November

About the event: This startup competition aims to gather leading early-stage startups and discover their project on stage. Startups need to have received at least 3 million dollars. They have to compete again each other.

You can register here


  • General attendee: 595€
  • Executive: 4’995€
  • Chairperson: 24’995€

Ticket benefits: access to all talks, web summit app, networking and night summit 

Contact: [email protected]

Hello Tomorrow

Where? It depends on the event you’d like to subscribe to.
Several events are organised throughout the year.

About the company: Hello tomorrow suggests several events related to investors and startups. You have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors by participating in a competition, or you can have one-on-one meetings with investors. 

Investor Day: You get to meet investors during one day with 1-to-1 meetings. 


  • Full Pass: 970€ Access to Global Summit and to Investor Day 
  • Investor Day: 815€ Dedicated table and networking app

Global Challenge: This competition is for deep tech and science entrepreneurs. You will get one full day with industry leaders by meeting 1-to-1. You’ll get, of course, the opportunity to pitch in front of an audience. The prize for the best early-stage project is 100’000€, and each industry track winner will receive 10’000€ funding. 

You can pre-register here for 2020.

Contact: [email protected]


Where? Switzerland
When? They organise a few during the year. 

About the company: You will need to apply to the events through their application form. They recommend your create a video pitch of 60-90 seconds for “better chances of being selected to pitch”. Here are their investment criteria

Apply to pitch here

Contact: [email protected]

Global Pitch (Virtual)

Where? Worldwide
When? They have several events during the year. 

About the event: This online event connects startups and investors all around the world. Entrepreneurs get the opportunity to pitch to accelerators, corporates, investors either looking for funds or partnerships. 

Precedent prizes:

  • Golden Ticket: Access to conferences such as 4YFN, Bits&Pretzels, She Loves Tech, Rise Up, FinTech Talents
  • Vienna Startup-Package
  • Entry to Chinaccelerator
  • Entry to the US market


Pitch Global (Virtual)

Where? Virtual Events
When? They organize a few during the year.

About the company: Pitch Global organizes a lot of pitch opportunities throughout the year. Their goal is to connect entrepreneurs with investors from LA to London. They have their own startups, they also teach “industry-specific innovation”. 

Contact: [email protected]

Pitch to Investors (Every Thursday)

Where? Barcelona, Spain
When? Every Thursday 

About the company: Itnig is a startup ecosystem, bringing entrepreneurs and talent from all over the world together. We’ve recently launched an early-stage fund to help global companies boost their growth. We have invested in companies like Syra Cofee, Vasquiat, and Hireflix.

About the event: Every Thursday, we organize a pitch session for entrepreneurs to explain their businesses to investors like Bernat Farrero (CEO @ Itnig), Jordi Romero (CEO @ Factorial), Albert Domingo (CEO @ Nextret) or Juan Rodríguez (CEO @ Camaloon). You can either attend as a regular attendee or pitch your idea to us!

More importantly, you get an instant feedback from the investors. You also have the opportunity to network after the event. 


  • Earlybird: 5€
  • General Audience: 8€
  • Speaker: 3€

Contact: [email protected]

All of those events are made for you to find the right investor for your future startup. Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to raise enough funds to start your project! 

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