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Improve your Productivity in a Coworking Space

Concentrating is hard, especially when you are in a place where it is common to have overstimulation. It is now normal to work from anywhere since the pandemic. But being productive is not the easiest task. We are sharing our favorite tools to improve your productivity.

IFTTT (If This Then That)

An automation App that makes your life easier. It has 500+ tasks that you can automate. IFTT works well for both personal and work-related tasks. You can automate turning the lights off when you leave home, or social media posting and saving. The App automates any action you want once you set one that triggers it. They just launched 3 AI services:


A Project Management App that makes teams Move Faster. It makes team collaboration as easy as it sounds! Features different team project views that one can personalize to taste because not everyone understands the same way. The App works around Projects & Tasks, Goals, Team Work, Visibility, and Analytics, which means targeting every step of the way.


A digital whiteboard that helps teams do their best at any project. It is a space for your team to work together in coming up with ideas, connecting as a team, making a plan, and coordinating and aligning! The best part is that anyone on the team can be connected and contribute from their own homes.


Tracking time is a tedious job, but not with Toggl. It is software to boost performance and be able to get paid for every billable minute. It also boosts accountability across teams in your company. They have three plans:

  • Toggl plan
  • Toggl Track
  • Toggl Hire

They all have different actions and are recommended by some of the world’s biggest companies!


AI tool that will help you better organize your email! It is compatible with iCloud, Office360, and Gmail. It will learn how to prioritize your emails and will automatically organize your inbox. You will never miss anything important since you will receive daily updates about your inbox.

There are a lot of tools that will help you improve your productivity in a coworking or at home. Even if you’re working digitally you can be efficient with your tasks! Try out these tools and see how they better your productivity.

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