Investment Funds for Startups in Barcelona

You have an early-stage project ready for success, but chances are, you need funding. Without funding, reaching success is very hard, not to say almost impossible. If you are confident enough and ready to share your project with the rest of the world… Located in Barcelona, here are Tech Investment Funds for startups you can reach out to.

Galdana Ventures

Galdana Ventures is a €900M fund founded in 2015. They are investing into a portion of the top level firms in the Unites States, Asia, Israel and Europe. The companies in which they choose to invest must have a competitive advantage in order to distinguish themselves. In addition, the team has over 100 years of experience in entrepreneurship and investment. 

Apply to the Fund: You can either contact them by phone +34 93 187 03 16 or by email.

  • # funds : 3
  • Last raised fund : €400M
  • The Team: Marcel Rafart (Managing Partner), Javier Rubió (Managing Partner), Roque Velasco (Managing Partner), Dídac Lee (Managing Partner)

ABAC Solutions

ABAC Solutions has been investing approximately €320M since 2015 into Spanish medium-sized organizations. The founders are disciplined investors. Therefore, their investments are well thought, and their interest must be aligned with their investment criteria. You need to make sure you check all the boxes before applying.  

Apply to the Fund: In order to get in touch with ABAC Capital, you need to complete this form.

  • # investments: 2
  • Last investment: Mr Noow, €600K
  • The Investment Team: Oriol Pinya (Founding Partner and CEO), Borja Martinez de la Rosa (Founding Partner), Javier Rigau (Founding Partner) and Federico Conchillo (Partner)

Nauta Capital

Since 2004, Nauta Capital is looking for passionate entrepreneurs who are looking for a challenge which is achievable with limited funding. The enterprise is passionate about capital-efficient disruptors that are reimagining large industries where technology has had limited impact. Additionally, they invest into European B2B software companies. They are eager to find motivated and innovative teams. 

Apply to the Fund: You can either get in touch with one of Nauta Capital’s employee or reach to them through their application form.

  • # investments: 97
  • Last investment:, £3.8M
  • The Team: Carles Ferrer Roqueta (General Partner), Daniel Sanchez (General Partner), Jordi Vinas (General Partner), Dominic Endicott (Venture Partner), Guillem Sague (Partner) and Anna Daviau (CFO)


Active since 2008, Inveready invests into early-stage technology based companies. More particularly, they invest “through 4 verticals: Venture Capital in Digital Technology, in Life Sciences, Venture Debt and Hybrid Financing“. They detain more than €400M of assets under management. In 2017, the enterprise received the Best Venture Capital firm in Spain.

Apply to the fund: You can send your deck here.

  • # investments: 114
  • Last investment: Schaman, €1M
  • The Team: Josep Maria Echarri (Managing partner), Ignacio Fonts (Managing Partner), Roger Piqué (General Partner) and Carlos Conti (General Partner)

Lánzame Capital

Lánzame Capital is a pledge fund which invest into startups. The fund is detained by private investors who all come from different industries. They believe it can sometimes be difficult to obtain a fund for your project. This is why they created this platform in order to build a bridge between entrepreneurs and investors.

Apply to the fund: The investors will consider your project once you have send it here.

  • # investments: 31
  • Last investment: Hellotickets, €2M
  • The Team: Jordi Safont (General Partner), Jordi Altimira (General Partner) and Guillem Oliva (Investment Analyst)


Venture Cap was founded in 2000 and has been investing into growing startups since then. The fund was created by entrepreneurs who wanted to transmit their knowledge to new teams as well as helping them accelerate their growth. Being apart of the investment funds for startups in Barcelona, VentureCap looks into 4 sectors: E-commerce, Health, Technology and Education.

Apply to the fund: You can contact them here.

  • # investments: 21
  • Last investment: MusicList, €135K
  • The Team: Victoriano Peralta Puig (CEO)

NERO Ventures

Nero Ventures is a venture capital fund which focuses on technology-based companies.They help them creating value and realising their business vision. The firm invest into early stage startups. More precisely, they either invest into “Enterprise software technology B2B” or “Consumer software technology B2B2C“. More information on their website.

Apply to the fund: They would prefer if you are recommended by someone of their knowledge. You can get in touch with them by phone + 34 933 65 81 78.

  • # investments: 8
  • Last investment: Signaturit, €7M
  • The Team: Anindya Saha (Partner) and Ricardo Coscollola (Partner)

Itnig Fund

Itnig Funds invests 100.000€ per company and they offer their support without getting in the middle. They focus on understanding the market opportunity and making sure they fully align with the team. Moreover, they look for intuitive and fast movers, talent developers, hard workers, customer oriented, bottom line focused and growth obsessed. All at the same time!

The Pitch to Investors event is linked to Itnig’s Fund. Every Thursday, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their project in front of investors and an audience. You get an instant feedback from investors. Afterwards, you have time to network and have a beer.

Apply to the Fund: You will need to go to their website and apply as an entrepreneur. Then, they will send you a video interview request by email – you will answer to questions pre-registered. After that, they might invite your to the Pitch to Investors. Investors will get back to you if the project catch their interest.

  • # investments: 3
  • Last investment: Vasquiat, 100K
  • Managing Partners: Bernart Farrero (CEO at Itnig), Albert Domingo (CEO at NexTReT), Jordi Romero (CEO at Factorial) and Juan Rodríguez (CEO at Camaloon)

To sum up, these investments funds are always looking for a unique project which detains the one competitive advantage on the market. We hope the investment funds for startups in Barcelona will be in your favour. In other words, good luck with your project and thank you for reading!

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