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At Itnig, we know it’s hard to keep up with all the news and updates flying around. This month, well it is all about Itnig, because we launched our new fund, and we cannot be happier!

Our board members at itnig fund
Itnig fund at our Pitch to Investors event.

We prepared a special podcast where Bernat Farrero, Juan Rodriguez, and Jordi Romero reveal the launch of the Itnig Fund. It is an early stage fund that aims at investing 100.000€ in, at least 20 startups, in the following months. Itnig Fund is one of the few funds run by active company operators who are open to share and exchange resources, knowledge, network and ideas.

Moreover, they explain why now, more than ever, Europe needs to push its creative instinct and ambition to the limit and start leading industries,. As a matter of facts, the same way Daniel Ek did with Spotify in Sweden. In addition, we are at a time when later stages capital is available. There is no longer the need to move to the US to raise series N rounds. So, we, at Itnig, won’t keep feeding the excuses. We will take risks and help other entrepreneurs start their projects and grow.

They go on to debate the state of digitalization and competitiveness of small and medium business in Europe, who are facing fierce competition by huge platforms that fastly concentrate supply. That is the case of Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber… However, Juan says he is not scared by Amazon. As “the only industry that it has actually won so far is the book industry”, there is space for everything and his only fear is Alexa.

They conclude on revealing what to expect in Camaloon, Quipu and Factorial for 2019. In a nutshell, we go global, hire way more talent, expect some tech breakthroughs and growth, growth, growth!

Here you have a summary of January 2019 startups news! Hence, you will be able to catch up on last year news, podcasts and investments each week with a new article.

Startup Inside Stories Podcast

#71 : Philippe Gelis, from Kantox

This week on Itnig’s podcastBernat Farrero, CEO at Itnig and Juan Rodríguez, CEO at Camaloon, talk to Philippe GelisCEO and cofounder at Kantox, the multinational fintech company that offers currency exchange and international payment solutions to corporate clients.

Philippe talks about his first contact with the financing world and how he and his partners had the idea of funding Kantox.

He explains how they had to change 80% of their team when they pivoted their business model while growing. Furthermore, they discuss their several financing rounds, and how one of their future goals is to become a model in the “forex” industry.

#72: David Miranda, from Osborne Clarke

This week on Itnig’s podcast Bernat Farrero and Jordi Romero interviewed David Miranda, a corporate M&A lawyer at Osborne Clarke.

David reveals his career path from junior to partner at an international law firm. How he organizes his work and acquired his customers in the vivid nightlife of Madrid. This way he manages to become the lawyer of Wallapop, Glovo, Facebook, Airbnb, and monster international venture firms.

Moreover, David explains how to build the first shareholder agreement and when to hire a good (and expensive) M&A lawyer. That’s not it, he discusses how to negotiate a term sheet, and deal with an investment agreement. We also discuss how valuation, anti-dilution, and liquidation preference clauses can leave the entrepreneur anti-pocketed after an exit.

# 73: Malak Saber and Bettina Gross, from Factorial 

This week on Itnig’s podcast Malak Saber (Sales development manager at Factorial) and Bettina Gross (HR manager at Factorial) show us a real recruiting process for a Sales Developer at Factorial.

They gather all candidates together and perform a role-playing exercise in which they have 45 minutes to kick someone out of a hypothetical bunker in a hypothetical post-apocalyptic world.

In this case, candidates shyly start to participate by stating their virtues. They end up having a hard time choosing who to kick out.

As a result, this process allows Malak and Bettina to understand how candidates behave in a group. They also discuss how they think, how they defend their own points of view, or fight for their goals. On another hand, candidates find this positive compared to a standard interview.

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