Six Things You Should Do Before Building Your Product

Products, services, delivery-, wholesale- or resale-businesses, software as a service, subscription based models — all business models have one thing in common: they are about a market that demands something, and this market consists of people. Which means whatever you are offering, to make it a success it needs to be a good fit with what people […]


Factorial Will Change The Way Your Company Deals With HR

Co-founders of Factorial Pau Ramon Revilla (CTO) and Jordi Romero (CEO). There’s a new startup in town, and we’re lucky to say it’s an itnig company. Factorial wants to make the HR role both easier and less time consuming through their cloud-based HR platform. Factorial has already started on-boarding several Barcelona companies to their platform. Many […]


UX/UI and parties

I usually start by saying that I’ve been a designer for the last 15 years, UI designer. “What’s UI?” I get that question a lot, can’t help but smile. “User Interface,” I respond, trying to answer the question in a few words, “is the visual part of an app. You see, the engineers will write the […]


Why Investors Are Looking To Barcelona For The Next Big Thing

Lately I’ve been hearing people talk more and more about international investors, and how they’re increasingly looking to Barcelona for interesting projects. These rumors confirms a feeling I’ve been having for quite some time. It’s always scary to predict the future, but sometimes you just see a pattern so clear that you need to share […]


Parkimeter Wins CECOT Award

The Catalan organization CECOT representing over 6000 entrepreneurs, awarded itnig startup Parkimeter with the award for best new company. Once every year CECOT hosts what they call “the night of the entrepreneur” in Barcelona. Here they award different kind of local entrepreneurs, and this year it was co-founders of Parkimeter, Jordi Badal and Ferran Gatius […]