How to Determine the Success of Coworking Spaces

Given the growing emphasis on remote work, freelancing, and digital-first job positions, the allure of coworking spaces has become stronger than ever before. Individuals (or small teams) who don’t want to invest in office spaces and equipment can rely on coworking hubs to focus their resources more effectively. This is why it’s essential to know how to determine the success of coworking spaces.

Itnig Coffice
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Factorial Raises €15 Million – Itnig Interview with Jordi Romero

Factorial raises  € 15 million and Itnig interviews Jordi Romero, CEO, and co-founder. This is Factorial’s third round and the highest in 2020 for a Spain-based startup. Factorial is one of Itnig’s startups, founded in late 2016. Itnig is a startup ecosystem with a coworking and investment fund for early-stage projects.

Factorial founders: Bernat Farrero, Jordi Romero, Pau Ramon

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How to Create a Working Culture That Drives Performance

Here’s the dilemma. Today, the business environment is fast-changing, competitive, and volatile. So, companies want their employees to be superheroes to cope with it. Often, leaders promote this goal by creating a performance-obsessed culture. And it can eventually lead to employee burnout and lower job satisfaction.

Leaders need to find a balance between achieving goals and keeping employees productive. This means creating a unique culture with a focus on both performance and employees` wellness. Building such a culture requires the leader to consider organizational and individual factors.

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