Pet Friendly Coworking Spaces in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city that offers a lot to its residents and visitors. However, it’s not just the city’s attractions gaining popularity – pet-friendly coworking spaces are also rising. More and more pet owners are looking for ways to bring their furry friends to work so the demand for pet-friendly coworking spaces in Barcelona is rapidly increasing.

El Pati de la Vila

El Pati de la Vila is a coworking space located in the vibrant neighborhood of Gracia. Designed to cater to the needs of nomads seeking a temporary workspace, as well as those looking for a full-time office. Choose from a variety of workspaces to suit your requirements, while enjoying all the standard coworking amenities. You can also indulge in as much coffee, tea, and fresh fruit as you like, free of charge. Moreover, they are a pet-friendly coworking space. Bring your furry friend along and bask in a laid-back environment surrounded by friendly faces.

MOB (Makers of Barcelona)

Makers of Barcelona has got you covered with two pet-friendly coworking spaces – MOB Bailén in the Eixample neighborhood and MOB Caterina in Born. Their pet-friendly coworking spaces offer a welcoming environment for your furry friend. They also provide you with all the necessary amenities to remain productive. Situated in prime locations in the city, they are both easily accessible. In addition to being pet-friendly, both offer all the necessary amenities to keep you productive, including high-speed internet, printing and scanning facilities, phone booths, and meeting rooms.

One Co-Work

It has 3 different locations throughout the center of the city. Close to Plaça Cataluña and the Barcelona Cathedra, One co-work welcomes your dog! They know how dogs bring joy and happiness not only to their owners but to everyone around. Of course to maintain order they like to enforce simple rules. Although the rules are simple, they can make all the difference when having dogs in the office. They offer an incredible ambiance on the more rustic-ish side. The one in Plaça Cataluña has an incredible terrace with amazing views of the city.

Itnig Spaces

It is a Coworking in the 22@ neighborhood in Barcelona. We welcome freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, and furry friends! We also have the Itnig Café which offers unlimited Specialty coffee for all coworkers. The 22@ neighborhood is a booming area in the city which attracts, especially, tech lovers but, of course, everyone is welcome! We are home to a variety of startups, while also hosting incredible events for everyone! One of our coworking areas doubles as an event space that can be rented for hours. Any information is available on our web, but if you have more doubts, send us an email!

Not everyone is a dog-lover! Find the right office for you and your furry friend. We believe dogs are part of the family and here, at Itnig Spaces we care about every single member!

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