Video Series with Quipu and Factorial & other Startups News

At Itnig, we know it’s hard to keep up with all the news and updates flying around. Many businesses these days understand that video is the best way to reach their target market so better learn how to create engaging video series! We are doing so as in addition to our weekly podcastQuipu worked on their own video series and Factorial relaunched their HR pills. Check it out!

Video Series with Quipu and Factorial

Creating videos for your future customers allows them to know you, and allows you to show your creativity. Why would they choose you instead of others? Being creative on the digital market can help you gain a new audience, or it can enhance customers’ brand loyalty.

Let’s move on to our podcast, because this month, you are spoiled with 5 of them!

Startup Inside Stories Podcast

#104 : Juan Zamora, from Signaturit

In this week’s podcast, Juan Zamora from Signaturit shares with us who digital signature works. The Barcelona-based startup counts now with over 100 employees dedicated mainly to engineer a product that reduces the hustle of traditional contract signing.

Bernat and Jordi chatted with him to further understand how the technology works. They also took this opportunity to announce the new collaboration between Signaturit and Factorial.

#105 : Dan Kragt, from Quipu

In this week’s podcast, we interview Dan Kragt, current CEO at Quipu. Before joining the Barcelona-based startup, Dan was leading TMF, the largest administrative agency in the world.

Bernat and Oriol base their conversation with Dan on how a startup can benefit from that expertise at a corporate level and how someone with a corporate background can fit into a startup. Check out it out here!

#106 : Mattieu Carenzo, professor at IESE

In this week’s podcast, we get deep into understanding how to know how much a company is worth. Mattieu Carenzo is a professor on Entrepreneurship at IESE and a successful early stage investor in companies like Glovo.

Mattieu, Bernat, and Juan discuss the importance of company valuation when investing. Mattieu even ensures that it doesn’t matter the valuation at which you invest but the valuation at which you divest!

#107 : Oscar Pierre, from Glovo

In this week’s podcast, Oscar Pierre, CEO at Glovo, explains the full story of the company and how it was about to collapse 3 times. The company has raised around €350M in just four years and we asked how that affected him and Glovo itself.

Oscar opens up and explains some hacks on how Glovo is growing and how it’s planning to expand in the near future following the strategy of becoming market leaders everywhere they land!

#108 : Alessandro Zanardi, from Codeworks

In this week’s podcast, Alessandro Zanardi comes to our offices to discuss how coding bootcamps have flooded our cities. The high demand for developers has allowed for this niche to grow quickly.

We challenge Alessandro to explain how can someone be ready to be a software developer in just 3 months and what traditional education has to do to keep up with the market demands.

September Startup News & Updates

Coming back from holidays is tough. What if I told you that you can buy an island? This project allows you to even get the citizenship of the island if the crowdfunding succeeds. Interesting, huh?

If you are lost getting to know which companies are planning on doing an IPO, don’t worry, the list is not long. Ahead of WeWork, Cloudfare, and SmileDirectClubthe pipeline for IPOs is quite thin! In this sense, we just got to know that Ping, the online ID management company has filed an S-1 form indicating that it plans to raise up to $100 million in an IPO on the Nasdaq .

Diving into this week’s startup stories, a couple of news from WeWork this time. The coworking company might be worth just half of its former $47B valuation increasing its instability, so after the scandal, it’s CEO has given $5.9M trademark payment back to WeWork.

Oh, and if you are the kind of person that tells everything over a beer, you may want to check out this Friend NDA generator. Quite handy.

We also want to take this opportunity to share with you some nice tools for your business starting from Google’s ranking factors in 2019. If you are looking into understanding finance, check out this article or directly check our recent podcast with CFOs!

The European startup scene is clearly growing and France wants to lead it. Macron has just announced an investment of €5B in French startups. Some European economies are getting ready for Brexit and that will affect the stock exchanges so better learn to predict it, it’s easier than you think!

A couple of news agitated last week news. To start off, Airbnb announced it will go public next year after WeWork delays IPO dropping valuation in half. Additionally, Stripe raised an additional $250M and now the payment company is worth over $35B! 

There is no week without news about WeWork. This time we got to know that it’s CEO Adam Neumann is stepping down. The story gets crazier over time and it looks more and more like the Unicorn Startup Simulator game (warning – highly addictive).

New Funding for Startups

Random Tech News

Those are September 2019 startup news!

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